Getting Involved

Aidan Stephen

“What I needed was something with an uncommitted length of time that I could ease myself into and use to start making decisions again.” Aiden an all rounder and talented artist first got in touch through Andy Bowman at Veteran First Point.    

Lynn Ferry

“I personally still like the tool of handing someone something and saying I know what Artlink does and this is why I think it could benefit you.” Lynn a Community OT based at Clermiston Health Clinic regularly refers folk to Artlink.

Douglas C Hall

“My real passion is river fishing. It’s about knowing your environment. Being out there and doing it. As well as mixing with other anglers who are only too eager to share their knowledge and tips on catching fish.” Douglas regularly volunteers to shares his skills with others.

Irene Kernan

“Having the chance to chat about projects and what groups are up to builds that community studio we are aiming for.” Irene, Director at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop wants to make sure that everyone can benefit from the practical knowledge ESW has to offer.